Doors are not just he entryway into your home, but also a decorative element that provides the opportunity to add light into your home and improve energy savings. A new door can significantly alter the look of your entire home, both internally and externally.  Window World a tremendous selection of door styles, types, colors, materials, and hardware/accessories that can match or update any style you desire.

And of course, doors are not just for aesthetics but functionality as well. Our Entry Doors, Patio Doors, Garage Doors, and Storm Doors are all designed to give you the biggest bang for your buck! We only design products with the intent of them being beautiful AND functional. Window World builds its products to last! We use the best materials to help all of our products not only stand up to usual wear and tear, but YOUR family's needs. We deliver "The Best for Less" with our unparalleled customer service.



Entry doors are a huge part of your home's overall curb appeal. Actually, it is considered one of the best Returns on Investment for remodeling a home because it makes such a huge visual impact before a potential new homeowner ever enters the house. A beautiful new door makes a strong first impression.

We rigorously test our doors to ensure they our doors are beautiful, durable, secure, and tested to the industry's highest standards. With a vast array of paint, stain, glass, and hardware options, we ensure everyone will find an Entry Door to suit their personal style. Because we offer such high-quality products made to withstand wear and tear, it's easy for us to provide you an industry-leading warranty on all of our products and installation.


When choosing a patio door, people generally want two things: beauty and functionality. At Window World, you don't have to choose between those two things. You get both! Our doors are not only attractive, but designed to work well, slide easily, limit noisiness, and stand up to the test of time. If you are looking for style and performance, look no further. We have a vast assortment of patio doors that will exceed your expectations in beauty and quality for years to come!



Garage doors make a BIG impact on the looks of a home . . . literally. Because garage doors are so large, they attract a lot of attention. Take advantage of that space on your home and make it beautiful.  Window World has a great selection of steel garage doors made by Amarr that are stunning additions to any home. Window World carries 3 different product lines of garage doors to offer many different options including colors, windows, hardware, and more. And, of course, Window World carries the insulation and Garage Door openers you need to completely finish your project for you. Give us a call today for ideas, inspiration, or advice to get started.


Storm Doors are a great way to achieve additional energy efficiency by preventing drafts and increasing insulation. Some people even enjoy being able to see out and let the natural sunlight in without letting bugs in and conditioned air out. Whether you want a storm door for enjoyment or for practicality, we have  a superior collection that provides our highest standards of craftsmanship at a great value. As with all of our products, we only provide Storm Doors that are made to withstand life and we guarantee it.



Let's get together and review the options that will best work for your home and budget.

Door Facts


Profiles™ doors, are sturdy and made of 24-gauge steel. These doors come in a variety of colors, and are built to withstand daily use for many years.

The Smooth-Star® line of doors are steel doors, but built ready-to-paint to your custom color of choice. The Smooth-Star® door has a crisper profile. These doors are built to stand up to not just the test of time, but also the test of a "real" family's everyday use.

The Fiber-Classic® have the classic look and finish of oak or mahogany, but are actually made with an even stronger fiberglass material. You really can have it all! These doors have four times the insulating capability of traditional wood doors because of their special solid polyurethane foam core. We have recently added a new embellishment: high definition panel embossments; which makes them the most attractive Fiber-Classic Door to date.

The Classic-Craft® line of doors is the door that won the 2012 Consumer's Digest Best Buy Award. This luxury Entry Door line displays solid wood edges, rich embossment details, wide center panels, and AccuGrain® technology to create dynamic texture. Classic-Craft® Doors are especially designed to be maintenance free, unlike traditional wooden doors.


Traditional Steel Garage Doors:
These doors boast the attractive carriage style that so many demand, yet is still our most affordable garage door. The Traditional Steel Garage doors allow you to customize with many color choices, window accents, and decorative hardware options.

Steel Carriage House Garage Doors:
This is our most versatile line of Garage doors, with four panel designs, ten color choices, and 24 decorative window options. These doors look and work wonderfully the day you have them installed, and years and years down the road. These doors are made with excellent quality heavy-gauge steel and are low-maintenance - because you have better things to do in life!

Premium Carriage House Garage Doors:
The Premium Garage Door Series is our "top shelf" product. It has the character of a wooden garage door with all of the benefits of steel such as low maintenance and durability. This line of products is truly versatile; coming in many different designs and colors. This beautiful design is three sections tall, lending an authentic carriage house feel to your home.


The Contemporary Sliding Patio Door was designed to satisfy more modern tastes or home styles. This look incorporates symmetrical 3" rails and sleek architectural lines.  This sleek look is sure to please any contemporary style.

This style is called classic for a reason: it is a timeless look that will maintain its appeal for generations to come.  Just because the look is classic, however, we still included our most modern engineering to give you the best quality and functionality. The Traditional Sliding Patio Door is a Classic look sure to please. Larger 5" rails are the signature component of this timeless look.

Sliding French:
The Sliding French Door has lots of details that are sure to please, including a 5" top rail, 7" bottom rail, and 3" side rails. Although  we maintained the proportions of an authentic French Door, we re-worked it to bring you this sliding feature, which is a great option to open up an entry way.

Hinged Patio Doors:
A Hinged Patio Door is a great alternative to add extra light, style, and accessibility for a patio. As always, Window World bring the highest quality and a wide selection of options to customize this door to your life, such as  myriad wood, glass, and hardware combinations to fulfill any desires.

Vented Sidelites:
Vented Sidelights are a way to add curb appeal to your exterior, and have the added bonus of letting in more light and natural beauty from outside. You can add Sidelights to many doors and totally transform the look. As with all of our products, Window World guarantees the quality of Sidelights. This is an excellent way to let in the sunlight, without letting in the elements.

Please note: Vented Sidelites are available only with ThermaTru Doors.


Screen Away® Storm Doors:
The Screen Away® Storm Door affords you the benefits of a screened door without the permanence of a traditional screen. The screen hides away while not being used, offering you the luxury to open your door wide to let air in - not bugs, and the opportunity to have an un-obstructed view outdoors all other times. This product is available in multiple styles and colors, including both extruded aluminum and wood core frames.

Fullview Storm Doors:
The Fullview Storm Door gives the maximum view to the outdoors. This door has a full screen that is easily attached by snapping into place on retainer strips. With the Fullview Storm Door, you get the added benefits of having a storm door with the "barely there" look. You can choose a  more decorative glass to alter the look of the door.

Ventilating Storm Doors:
The Ventilating Storm Door line gives you the ability to customize your look; choosing between a single and multiple vent options. It also allows you to select different glass and vent options to make this look truly your own. The Ventilating Storm Door is one of our most popular options because of multiple styling options, durability, and ease of maintenance.